Frequently Asked Questions about Graduate Study

Do I need a Master's Degree in Spanish to apply for the Doctoral Program?

Students are not required to have a Master's Degree in Spanish to apply for the Doctoral Program. Students can apply directly to the Doctoral program with a B.A. in literature. Students must be fluent in Spanish to be considered for admission into our graduate program.

Is there a Master of Arts in Spanish available in New York?

There is no Master of Arts program available in New York. The Department offers a M.A. program in Madrid and an M.F.A. Creative Writing Program in Spanish in New York.

Can I apply to the NYU in Madrid program and the Ph.D. program in New York at the same time?

Students are not able to apply for two programs in the Graduate School at the same time. If you have questions about which Graduate Program is correct for you please call the Department to speak either with the Director of Graduate Studies, or one of the Graduate Administrative Aides.

Can I substitute the GRE with the GMAT exam?

No, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese will not accept GMAT results in place of the GRE; the GRE is required by the Graduate School of Arts and Science.

Is there a specific GPA or GRE score required for admissions to the Ph.D. program?

We do not have a cut-off GRE scores or GPA for our Ph.D. program. All components of the application are taken into account in the admissions process. The program is highly competitive; we have about 120 applicants each year and accept between five to eight students.

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