M.A. in Spanish and Latin American Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies

Two Masters programs are offered at NYU Madrid.

The M.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and TESOL is a two-year program offered jointly by NYU’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, with the first year taught at NYU Madrid and the second year taught at Steinhardt’s Department of Teaching and Learning in New York. For further information, please click here 

The M.A. in Spanish and Latin American Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies  is a one-year program offered at NYU Madrid by NYU’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. With courses taught entirely in Spanish.

The program takes full advantage of the vast range of cultural activities and events in Madrid, which form an integral part of the curriculum. Students have access to some of the most resourceful libraries and archives in the world and also benefit from membership to the historic Instituto Internacional and its excellent library. The capstone M.A. project allows students to develop an original scholarly work with the guidance of a faculty advisor, and to present a portion of this work at the Graduate Research Conference.

The M.A. program is designed to encourage students to immerse themselves linguistically and culturally in Madrid life. An integral part of the core curriculum and orientation program, visits and study trips give students the unique opportunity to investigate Spanish culture in situ. Whether studying urban space in Bilbao, transatlantic trade in Seville, or Roman architecture in Segovia, students are guided by faculty experts.

Why choose NYU Madrid?

The unique one-year M.A. program offers graduate students rigorous academic training to develop their own research interests and approaches to debates in literary, and cultural studies, often cutting across disciplinary boundaries. The design of the program aims to foster student responsibility and independence when exploring and generating new areas of knowledge in dialogue with the academic community at large, and beyond. NYU Madrid draws from the diverse expertise of its faculty within a local and global network of universities, research institutions, and cultural centers and museums, at the very core of our graduate students’ experience in Madrid.

Our challenge to students to develop their own goals for the program, met with the flexibility of its design and faculty encouragement to pursue independent research, has made for a successful combination. The M.A. program has served as a platform for students who wish to pursue a doctoral degree and for those who aim to use their linguistic and cultural knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world for the benefit of their professions. Attracting students from diverse backgrounds in the United States and abroad, the M.A. program provides a forum to exchange ideas and explore new critical perspectives in which academic pursuits are inseparable from vital experience.

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