• Photo of Gabriela Basterra

    Gabriela Basterra

    Research/Interest: Literature and philosophy, ethical subjectivity, comparative literature, rhetoric, poetry, tragedy, psychoanalysis, ethics and politics, Kant’s theoretical and practical philosophy, Levinas.

  • Photo of Ana  Maria Dopico

    Ana María Dopico

    Research/Interest: Comparative studies of the Americas, theory and history of the novel, Cuban and Caribbean Culture, nationhood and imperialism, syncretism and visual culture, memory and popular culture, national poets, public intellectuals and cultural genealogies, U.S. Latino cultures, North-South studies/cultural politics of the global South, gender and narrative, psychoanalysis and social mythologies.

  • Photo of Georgina Dopico

    Georgina Dopico

    Research/Interest: Early-modern Spanish literatures and cultures; cultural history; the body / anatomy; biopolitics; human / animal studies; gender studies; translation studies; canon formation / libraries; nation / empire; transatlantic studies; Cervantes

  • Photo of James  D. Fernandez

    James D. Fernández

    Research/Interest: Spanish immigration to the United States; Cultural-literary relations between Spain, Latin America and the US; Representations of New York and the US in Spanish literature; Spanish Civil War and historical memory; US participation in the Spanish Civil War

  • Photo of Sibylle Fischer

    Sibylle Fischer

    Research/Interest: Caribbean literature and culture; Spanish American Independence; the Haitian Revolution; culture and politics in the nineteenth century; the history of political thought.

  • Photo of Gabriel Giorgi

    Gabriel Giorgi

    Research/Interest: Literature from the Southern Cone; biopolitics; queer theory and gender studies; literature and philosophy; critical theory.

  • Photo of Jo Labanyi

    Jo Labanyi

    Research/Interest: Spanish literature and culture of the 19th and 20th centuries; film, especially that of the early Franco period; gender studies; popular culture; memory, especially in relation to the Spanish Civil War.

  • Photo of Jill Lane

    Jill Lane

    Research/Interest: Latin American theater, comparative approaches to race and performance in the Americas, Cuba.

  • Photo of Jacques Lezra

    Jacques Lezra

    Research/Interest: Comparative literature and literary theory; Shakespeare; the literary and visual culture of Early Modern Europe.

  • Licia Fiol-Matta

    Research/Interest: Modern and contemporary Hemispheric Latin American literature and culture; Gender and sexuality; Critical theory; Music; Popular culture

  • Photo of Perla Masi

    Perla Masi

    Research/Interest: Modern and contemporary Iberian and Latin American literatures and cultures; poetry and philosophy; political theology; biopolitics; translation; Arab migration and Orientalism in Latin America and Spain.

  • Photo of Jordana Mendelson

    Jordana Mendelson

    Research/Interest: Early twentieth-century visual culture in Spain

  • Photo of Noel, Tomás Urayoán

    Tomás Urayoán Noel

    Research/Interest: U.S. Latino/a literatures and cultures; poetry and poetics of the Americas; media and performance studies; the Caribbean and its diasporas; modernisms and avant-gardes; translation studies; multi-ethnic New York City; creative writing

  • Photo of S.J. Pearce

    S.J. Pearce

    Research/Interest: Hebrew and Arabic literature of Iberia; mester de clerecía; 12th- and 13th-century Castile; the translation movement; history and literature of the "tres culturas"; literary representations of Alexander the Great; history of literature; historical readings of literature; codicology

  • Photo of Marta C. Peixoto

    Marta C. Peixoto

    Research/Interest: Brazilian literature, literary theory, gender theory, modern poetry.

  • Photo of Dylon Robbins

    Dylon Robbins

    Research/Interest: Cultural and theoretical production of Brazil and Cuba; African Diasporas; intellectual and cultural histories, media, cinema, and popular music

  • Photo of Rubén Ríos-Ávila

    Rubén Ríos-Ávila

    Research/Interest: Caribbean Literature, Queer Studies, and theory.

  • Eduardo Subirats

    Research/Interest: Spanish intellectual history; the Counter Reformation and the colonisation of Spanish America; the Enlightenment; avant-garde theory; artistic movements in Spain and Latin America; modern Latin American and Spanish essay.

  • Photo of Diana Taylor

    Diana Taylor

    Research/Interest: Latin American and U.S. theatre and performance, performance and politics, feminist theatre and performance in the Americas, Hemispheric studies, trauma studies.

  • Photo of Laura Torres-Rodriguez

    Laura Torres-Rodriguez

    Research/Interest: Mexican literature and visual culture since 1890; Latin American intellectual history; Orientalism and postcolonial theory; nationalism and colonialism; Latin American modernismo; aestheticism and popular culture; gender studies; poetry; Marxism in Latin America and Asia.

  • Photo of Zeb Tortorici

    Zeb Tortorici

    Research/Interest: Gender and sexuality in colonial Latin America; archival theories; queering archives; death and dying; history of suicide; human-animal studies; animals in Latin America; history of pornography

  • Clinical Professors

  • Photo of Maria de Lourdes Dávila

    Maria de Lourdes Dávila

    Research/Interest: 19th and 20th Century Latin American Literature; focus on Southern Cone, Puerto Rican Literature, Latino Studies, Literary Criticism, Aesthetics and Interartistic Studies, Popular Culture, and Translation.

  • Photo of Mariela Dreyfus

    Mariela Dreyfus

    Research/Interest: Aesthetics and Poetics of Modernism; Tradition and Revision in Latin American Poetry; Politics and Gender in Latin America Women Writers; French and Latin American Surrealism; Contemporary Latina Writers; Literary Theory.

  • Photo of Elorrieta, Jabier

    Jabier Elorrieta

    Research/Interest: Foreign language teaching methodology, second-language acquisition, study abroad, phonology, syntax and morphology, dialectology, curricular planning, teacher training.

  • Photo of Lila Zemborain

    Lila Zemborain

    Research/Interest: Twentieth-century Spanish-American Poetry; relationships between visual arts and contemporary Spanish-American poetry.

  • Photo of María José Zubieta

    María José Zubieta

    Research/Interest: Translation, legal interpretation, and second language acquisition

  • Lecturers

  • Photo of Laura Amelio

    Laura Amelio

    Research/Interest: Literature, pedagogy, rhetoric, romanticism, theory, translation.

  • Photo of Elizabeth A. Augspach

    Elizabeth A. Augspach

    Research/Interest: Medieval Studies, Second Language Acquisition.

  • Photo of Félix Manuel Burgos

    Félix Manuel Burgos

    Research/Interest: Discourse analysis, cognitive semantics, language in mass and social media, sociolinguistics.

  • Tirso Cleves

    Research/Interest: The short story, Spanish and ESL Education

  • Enrique Del Risco

    Research/Interest: Contemporary Latin American Literature; Contemporary Cultural Studies; Cuban Culture and Literature; Nation and National Mythologies; Cultural Exiles.

  • Photo of Odi Gonzales

    Odi Gonzales

    Research/Interest: Quechua Oral Tradition XVI-XXI Centuries; Latin American Literature

  • Heriberto J. Hernández

    Research/Interest: Foreign language methodology, second language acquisition.

  • Photo of Hernández Ramírez, Lorena

    Lorena Hernández Ramírez

    Research/Interest: Includes language acquisition and pedagogy, and the sociology of language.

  • Anabel Lopez-Garcia

    Research/Interest: Medieval and Golden Age Literature, Manuscript Culture, Translation.

  • Photo of Carlos F. Martinez

    Carlos F. Martinez

    Research/Interest: Foreign language methodology, second language acquisition.

  • Photo of Muñoz, Sophy

    Sophy Muñoz

    Research/Interest: Foreign language teaching methodology Language acquisition, 20th Century Latin American and Caribbean literatures.

  • Photo of Eduardo Segura

    Eduardo Segura

    Research/Interest: Foreign language methodology, second language acquisition.

  • Photo of Roxanna Sooudi

    Roxanna Sooudi

    Research/Interest: Foreign language methodology; Southern Cone fiction.

  • Photo of Esther A. Truzman

    Esther A. Truzman

    Research/Interest: Foreign Language teaching and curricular planning, 19th Century Peninsular and Latin American texts, Transatlantic Studies, Identity Politics

  • Carlos Veloso

    Research/Interest: Luso Brazilian Culture; Contemporary Literature; Art and Culture in Latin America; Aesthetics (second half of the 20th century; philosophy of art); Individualism, self knowledge, skepticism, theories of solipsism, phenomenology

  • Faculty Fellow

  • Photo of Carlos Varón González

    Carlos Varón González

    Research/Interest: Literature and Culture of the XXth and XXIst centuries in Spain; transatlantic poetry and poetics; political theory; popular cultures; intellectual history.

  • Retired Faculty

  • Photo of Sylvia Molloy

  • Photo of Judith K. Némethy

  • Photo of Mary Louise Pratt